• Ситония при залез
    Kayak for everyone!
  • наздраве от Воден Хоризонт
    Kayak for everyone!
  • Къмпингуване на Ситония
    Kayak for everyone!
  • щастливи на брега
    Kayak for everyone!
  • Каяк обучение в Гърция
    Kayak for everyone!
  • С каяци в група около о-в Амулиани
    Kayak for everyone!
  • каяк екскурзия около о-в Амулиани
    Kayak for everyone!
  • каяк през зимата
    Kayak for everyone!
  • каяк през зимата на Искър
    Kayak for everyone!


Voden Horizont Ltd is the Bulgarian distributor of the kayak, canoe and SUP brands: Ocean Kayak, Prijon, Necky Kayaks, Tahe Marine, Point65, Old Town, BIC Sport, Auarius, Boreal Design and Riot Kayaks.

We offer Stand Up Paddel boards and SUP accessories as well.

We haven’t forgotten also the accessories like paddles, personal flotation devices (PFD) and specialized clothing from Werner, Palm, Artistic Sportswear, Carlisle, Point 65 and Beluga.

You can order online or contact us filling out the feedback form.

Voden Horizont offers the following services: kayak rental, outfitting and kayak tours.

We help our customers decide what they want and provide them with what they really need.

The company is focused on higher-end products and brands which are but affordable for many people.

AquariusArtistic SportswearBIC SportBoreal DesignCarlisleExtrasportJohnson OutdoorsNecky KayaksOcean KayakOld TownPerceptionPoint 65PrijonRiotTahe MarineZegulPalm