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See, choose and оrder online kayaks, canoe, SUP, paddles, PFD, accessories and clothing.

Whether you are аn experienced kayaker or you are going to became one or you are an absolute beginner, you will find in our online shop the right one for you single and double seat-in kayak, single or double sit-in-top kayak, inflatable, take apart or fishing kayaks.

Sit-in kayak is the traditional type where you sit "inside" the kayak. Sit-On-Top means you sit "on the top", i.e. above the waterline.

Canoe is an open from above, tapering to the nose and stern boat which is paddled with a single blade paddle.

If you prefer to paddle from an upright position, take a look at Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards.
You can choose from a wide range of Personal flotation devices (PFD), paddles and accessories specifically designed for kayaks, canoe and SUP. We offer also equipment and specialized clothing - jackets, dry suits, gloves, boots and more.

We take care for the transportation of your kayak offering kayak carriers and trolleys.

We publish often offers for test and second hand kayaks at a reduced price. In addition, anyone who has bought from us a canoe or kayak can take advantage of our offer: We would publish in the section "Second Hand" the image and sales conditions for your old kayak or canoe if you want to buy a new one! In this section we offer also our test kayaks.

If you don`t have time to meet us for advice, you can fill out this form and we will recommend you the most suitable kayak or canoe. Or you may call 0894 774 909 or 0894 774 910.


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